Friday, June 11, 2010

Obama's Manure: Millions to ADM / Financial Penalties To Amish ... Unless They Plant GMOs

by Kip Reading

In addition to the theft and corruption, how many lies are we caught in, how much deception?

Just for one quick tour of "Upside Down in Agriculture and Global Warming." Some might call it "Insane Injustice"

Obama gives ADM millions to capture carbon in projects ADM designed itself.

How much fossil fuel does this company use to produce its industrial products, to run its massive industrial operations, to transport its products around the world, to keep the lights on in PR companies that fight organic farming (which is a solution to global warming), to fly its lobbyists around to end up with such a give away? Doesn't industrial ag contribute 40% to global warming?

Cows with rBGH-induced mastitis stand in shit on factory farms.

06/11 09:50 CDT

ADM gets $99 million for carbon-capture project

DECATUR, Ill. (AP) -- The U.S. Department of Energy will give Archer Daniels
Midland up to $99 million in stimulus funds to help pay for the Decatur-based
agricultural company's second carbon-capture project.

ADM says the money will allow it to begin designing and building the new
demonstration project starting in 2012. The company hopes the project will
capture and store 1 million tons of carbon dioxide a year from ADM's ethanol
plant. ADM plans to spend $43.6 million.

The carbon will be stored in a rock formation beneath ADM's Decatur location
known as the Mount Simon Sandstone.

ADM has a separate carbon-capture project working at its Decatur location
design to store a thousand tons a day for several years. The location will then
be monitored for leaks as a test.

ADM, seeing farming as a fragmented industrial activity, has no idea that clean systems produce clean manure that can be used sustainably as part of normal natural processes. Instead, they create genetically engineered feed for animals, increasing the risk of MSRA and making the feces from industrial animals a health hazard. Then, they're big idea for handling such "carbon" is digging into a mountain, burying it there, and hoping it doesn't leak out. For this corporate idiocy, wrong at every step, Obama gave them millions.

When a farmer does everything right ....

While Mother Nature News calls unwanted regulatory threat "unusual government collaboration," the reality is that the Amish will be subject to rules from desk-sitters at the EPA who will "decide" how to run their beautiful farms. MNN refers to the heaps of manure generated from Amish farms, apparently with no idea it has value and isn't contaminated.

The EPA is walking a fine line between enforcing clean-up practices while maintaining a respectful understanding of the culture. ...

The EPA officials want to communicate the need for agricultural reform before resorting to fines and penalties.

The EPA wants to encourage the Amish to create barnyard runoff controls and streamside forest buffers, and to also adopt no-till farming practices.

[Pause for what was just slipped in there by the EPA.
No-till farming practices is code for using GE-seeds and pesticides. "Plant the seeds, blanket spray pesticides, no need to weed." The corporations will employ PR to deny the superweeds. ]

Many of these changes would be underwritten by federal grants ("The money has been lucrative for local agricultural companies ..."), but persuading the Amish to change their farming habits with government money will be difficult.

So Obama, under cover of carbon sequestering, is actually yet again betraying sustainable agriculture by pushing GMOs on the Amish, the epitome of organic farming. This fact is hidden by NY Times and Mother Nature News articles suggesting the EPA is sensitive to the Amish, while in reality forcing them to pay for changes on their farms they may not be able to afford and then threatening them with fines and penalties if they don't betray their own traditions. These regulations are for the sake of Monsanto which Obama serves over and over again (putting them at the FDA, the USDA, USAID, trade, and apparently now, the EPA is working for them, too).

The Amish farm sustainably. Carbon is automatically sequestered in the soil. They don't need "cleaning up." They have been helping to reduce global warming for centuries through everything they do.
Though they have been doing right by the world, they won't be allowed to design projects that harmonize with nature, but will have to pay for changes and then pay fines and penalties if they don't go along with government imposed regulations that do not fit their farms and threaten their families' lives (and others as well) through GM corn now linked to organ failure, and GM soy that causes sterility and hair to grow in the mouth. That is in addition to still borns, birth defects, sterility, and cancers from pesticides.

Amish Cow by Jeff Wignall.

An Amish farm

Easy to see now why farmers are opposed to the Clean Air Act or Cap and Trade.

Cap farmers and give more Trade to the corporations.

The corporate fix is in with these bills and the money keeps rolling in from government. The corporations are writing the government regulations that are surreptitiously mandating their dangerous corporate products which the public rejects, using sustainable-sounding terms like "no till."

Amish farmers are being targeted for doing right for generations and now will be financially punished for trying to continue to be good stewards of God's gift of nature.

Does it get anymore anti-trust and corrupt than this?

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