Saturday, June 5, 2010


by Another Mother

This is the most important email of your life and of your children's lives.

We are all aware that the corporations and bankers have been stealing this country blind. Now they have gone one step further, threatening our children's lives and future existence.

The FDA which was supposed to protect the American public's by controlling the harm done by corporations to food and drugs (and vaccines) has turned that on its head by declaring in court that

  • "There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food."
  • "There is no 'deeply rooted' historical tradition of unfettered access to foods of all kinds."
  • "Plaintiffs' assertion of a 'fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health ... is similarly unavailing ..."
  • "[Even if such a right did exist, it would not render FDA's regulations unconstitutional because prohibiting the interstate sale and distribution of [insert the name of a food you think is critical to your family's wellbeing] promotes bodily and physical health."
  • "There is no fundamental right to freedom of contract."
Imagine the national reaction if the FED, which has been destroying this country, had gone further than robbing the country blind, to say that Americans had no right to mortgages, to their homes, to pensions, to property itself. That is the size of what the FDA has done.

As mothers you already know that the corporations have been exposing your family to not just junk but poisons that are making your children ill - pushing your daughters into puberty at less than 10 years of age, making all your children obese and giving them diabetes (!), causing ADHD, and creating skyrocketing autism rates. Whether its genetically engineered hormones in dairy or genetically engineered high fructose corn syrup in literally everything, or heavy loads of toxic pesticides in grains, fruits, vegetables, or 10 times more vaccines than your own generation and adding more by the day, you know your children are being harmed.

But now the food and vaccines corporations behind the FDA have gone further than the banks. The FDA (or Food and Vaccine Administration) is asserting in court that you have no right whatsoever to choose your family's food, that your children do not have a right to their bodily and physical health and you have no right to buy and sell freely.

They have become a rogue agency, asserting the end of human rights around food and health, and claiming to control all sales.

Who is doing that asserting? The FDA's "food safety" Czar (called so because he wasn't approved by Congress) is Michael Taylor, a Monsanto executive. If you don't know what Monsanto is, watch this movie. They produced deadly things like Agent Orange, PCBs, pesticides, and toxic dumps in huge numbers, before they got involved in food. Now the corn they genetically engineer is associated with organ failure and their genetically engineered soy beans not only caused complete sterility in lab animals but hair to grow in their mouths (look for yourself). They have been charged in court for lying about how toxic their chemical products are, but with food they take another tack and via Taylor, they just keep their genetically engineered food unlabeled. Norman Braksick, the president of Asgrow Seed Co. (owned by Monsanto) said "If you put a label on a genetically engineered food, you might as well put a skull and crossbones on it." So though their GE-corn and GE-soy are in everything, the skull and cross bones warning is missing). And Obama and the FDA are pushing for a worldwide ban on all labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) which would include GE-meat and GMOs in vaccines and drugs.

It is Monsanto's Michael Taylor in his role at the FDA (or FVA) who is attempting to make a legal positions removing your human rights as a mother to protect your family and your children's right to health (that is, to live).

This is the greatest threat to the protective role of mothers ever seen in human history.

Mothers are already angry in NY where "food safety" laws are starting to rain down, eliminating home cooked food in schools and markets, in favor of corporate trash. And the rage will grow as mothers and grandmothers realize this food fascism will impact church bazaars, ethnic fairs, religious holidays, and their ability to transfer culture and history to their children through traditional food.

So, what should mothers do?

First, pass this article to every single mother and grandmother you know, asking them to pass this on, making it the fastest and largest "phone tree" ever. (The threat goes beyond the US - in India, as just one example, Monsanto and biotech corporations are seeking prison for anyone questioning the safety of GMOs in food or vaccines.)

Second, bring the following statement to your physician and/or pediatrician, demanding they sign it or lose your family as patients.

"My patients and all human beings have the human right to choose foods they see as best for their families, the fundamental right to their own bodily and physical health, and the human right to informed consent over food and medical care."

Either doctors will join mothers in their rejection of the FDA threat to the right to food and children's lives or the medical community will be exposed for its corrupt connections and their failure to stand up for the most basic of human rights of their own patients, and they will watch their waiting rooms empty. Mothers in the millions are more powerful than any group on earth and will have no trouble finding the true physicians who stand behind mothers' instinctual (God-given, spiritual) obligation to feed their families what they decide is best and to defend their children's God-given right to health (to their very lives).

Third, take any form of boxed or packaged junk food and draw a huge "X" on it. Make it the symbol of mothers' absolute rejection of the FDA and government control over food and health. The dumping of tea at the Boston tea party is become minor compared to the across-America dumping of pop-tarts, cokes, fritos and more.

Go with other mothers to you local legislatures and while you might all have the urge to throw the damn stuff at the building, instead, pile it up neatly in a visible location along with the message that American mothers have had it with corporate food, and demand that "food safety" regulations be ended in your area for local farmers and food producers, so they have full freedom and even support to bring your family farmers markets, CSAs, road side stands, home made food at church bazaars and ethnic fairs. In short, let them know loud and clear that you want non-corporate food and it will be mothers who decide what is safe to consume, not the government. And it will be mothers who stand behind local farmers and local food producers and human rights to grow, sell and choose food. And it will be mothers who guard like ferocious bulldogs their children's absolute right to bodily and physical health and a long and happy future.

So, if any mothers want raw milk, if any want home baked brownies at markets, if any want eggs that did not come on refrigerated trucks (the requirement the government is now using to stop eggs from coming to markets), if any want chicken raised outdoors and not in chicken houses (another government requirement), if any want meat from local farmers butchered locally, so be it. Those choices must be there for some to choose and for others to reject, based on what each mother - and not the government - decides is best for her own family. If mothers want it, then by God, that is what the local legislatures are going to hear and have to support fully or they will be out on their ear.

Tape junk food boxes with "X"'s across them onto cars, on bicycles, onto trucks, onto houses, onto telephone poles - everywhere - as a visible symbol of mothers' revolt against what the corporations have done to our children and now are attempting to do to this country in stealing its rights to food and health, and to contracts between people which are the basis of all local economies and of rebuilding America.

Pile up junk food boxes in front of groceries, letting them know mothers demand full labeling of GMOs, and refuse to allow their children to be sterilized or their organs damaged.

The same applies to forced vaccines. If mothers want vitamins instead of vaccines or one vaccine and not another, so be it. Mothers will not allow the FDA or any government to mandate any health treatments for their children not only because it lies outside the Nuremberg Code (as does unlabeled food people have no choice but to eat) but because the government bases its health "claims" on a policy asserting that their child has no inherent right to health (and thus life.) Through the FDA asserting that people do not have "a fundamental right to their bodily or physical health," they have immediately brought together mothers upset about corporate food with mothers concerned about vaccines being forced on them by corporations. Both groups of mothers have seen basic human rights being lost but now the FDA has made the dangerous assumptions behind such losses blatant. After such a statement, mothers who may have disagreed around details now realize they are together on the fundamentals - that they are the ones to make decisions to protect their children's health. They see clearly that government regulations over food or declarations of emergencies or mandates over health are not founded in concern for their children's health at all but on government's (until now) unstated rejection of everyone's rights to bodily and physical health.

Perhaps mothers might use syringes (without needles) as the symbol of their refusal to accept government mandates and their rejection of the FDA's assertions that their children have no right to their health, and pile those in front of legislatures. They might include boxes upon boxes(also marked with a large "X") of children's drugs all of which were approved by the FDA but have had to be recalled for toxicity. Or boxes of Avandia which have killed more than 80,000 people which the FDA (having rejected people's fundamental right to health) continues to keep on the market.

Fourth, use your imagination as you never have before in getting word out and in stopping Obama's FDA from attempting to remove the most fundamental of all human rights around food and health (as with S 510).

No one on earth has more imagination when it comes to looking after the best interests of their family and children than mothers. And those best interests are now tied inextricably to precious-to-life local farmers and local food producers who must be free to produce and sell whatever food they possibly can.

Mothers need to know about S 510 to stop it.

“If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public’s right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one’s choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.” ~Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canada Health whistleblower

It is similar to what India faced with imposition of the salt tax during British rule, only S 510 extends control over all food in the US, violating the fundamental human right to food.

This is extreme FDA power over the country and all families.

Mothers' imagination and protective love will be needed to reach out and warn everyone, everywhere.

Fifth, tell Michael Taylor and the FDA where they can get off ... by immediately planting your own organic garden. (And always have at least 3-6 months of food on hand so your family is not entirely dependent on corporate food stores and thus easily jerked around if government declares some "emergency" and closes stores, or creates "food shortages" and drives up prices.)

That garden is your independence from government and from high prices; a cushion in case of lost jobs; valuable work if one is out of a job; the place for your children to learn about real food and nature; and a haven from the industrial world for your family to have fun together. A kitchen garden was something mothers always used to provide and mothers have big reasons to offer them again, and right now. See it as a victory garden, whether a "Victory over Monsanto Garden" or "Victory over the FDA Garden" or a "Victory over Bank Theft Garden" or a "Victory over Childhood Diseases Garden," or in the truest sense, a "Victory of All Mothers Garden." But however you see it, get started putting one in this week. Mothers in the millions putting in their own organic gardens can begin the first stop to transforming this country, and the world, in only a few days. If you have poor soil, have good soil trucked in. If you live in an apartment, put food in pots on your balcony or even indoors. Food can be grown anywhere. Get a plot at a community garden, get your local school to plant a real garden (don't count on the Farm to School program Michelle Obama wants which actually depends on corporate commodities so would deliver unlabeled GE-food laced with the usual pesticides while calling it "farm food."), get your church or temple to plant a large garden. Ask everyone's help and put in gardens everywhere possible. Between you and other mothers, there can very quickly be abundant and safe food for everyone. Neighborhoods will no longer just be buildings and ground but real communities filled with food and healthy children.

And mothers will be doing the most powerful thing possible to look after their family's lives and this country's future.

The FDA threat, also embodied in false "food safety" bills in Congress designed by Monsanto, is greater than the bailout. The corporations have taken our money. Now they want inhuman power over the most essential things there are - our food and health.

They threaten our children.

That is all mothers need to know.

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