Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Is Wrong With the CDC?

"Bush politicized science agencies in the US, undermining science ...."

CDC lab

(LONDON) - There are US attorneys in Atlanta who are already looking into a CDC connection to the autism/vaccine researcher who has been indicted for fraud

The US has pandemic laws on the books and a new food safety law which both threaten the country with martial law (and threaten our normal animals with being - in Pat Roberts' word - "terminated") which would be based onCDC data and on the CDC declaring outbreaks.

How is it that all our lives (including our animals's lives - our primary food supply) and the country's future as a democracy have become tied to CDC information and the CDC status as an ultimate arbiter of "science" and danger - a CDC funded by the pharmaceutical corporations and involved with military?

If this country is to be safe, a closer look at the CDC is needed. This doesn't mean questioning the sincerity of the scientists working there but asking: "What is happening at the CDC at the policy level and what are its connections to profit-making vaccine manufacturers?"

CDC first began as an adjunct of the US Public Health Service, by helping the military and US colonial expansion.

The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and Malaria (1914-1942)

During the U.S. military occupation of Cuba and the construction of the Panama Canal at the turn of the 20th century, U.S. officials made great strides in the control of malaria and yellow fever. ... USPHS established malaria control activities around military bases in the malarious regions of the southern United States to allow soldiers to train year round.

The drug used was chloroquine (Resochin) produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer... at the same time Bayer was running concentration camps across Europe during WWII).

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