Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monsanto’s FDA Goes After the Country’s Only Safe Milk

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By Yumi Dood

Dairy is central to both the food supply and to sustainable agriculture. The FDA (run by Monsanto) is taking it apart. Rather than being harmful, raw milk is the only safe milk in the US and has innumerable benefits not found in pasteurized milk.

The health community (doctors, researchers, public health officials) need to stop being misled by corporate media and find out what is happening to their own food. They might be interested to know that the new “food safety” law that gave so much power to the FDA to go after big corporate facilities with deadly contamination is being used just as farmers said it would be — to get rid of access to safe food and shut down natural and organic farmers.

They might also be surprised to learn that Obama put Monsanto in a position to be in charge of all food and farms in the US by making a Monsanto VP named Michael Taylor, Czar of the food safety division of the FDA. That division (that is to say, Monsanto) is in court right now attempting to remove the right to choose food, consume or feed our children the food of our choice, the right to contract between ourselves (for it or anything else), and the right to our bodily and physical health. Worse, the case appears rigged to be lost and to leave those precedents.

Will the scientific/medical/public health community wake up to what is happening and the threat to their own food supply? How quickly can they then begin to appreciate that they got duped on what is safe and what is dangerous.

It turns out that pasteurized milk doesn’t reach a high enough temperature to kill off the Crohn’s bacterium getting into the milk from the sick cows in the industrial dairy herd. The temperature is high enough to destroy enzymes and friendly bacteria, though.

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