Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rosa DeLauro tarred by HR 875

How many frightening things are buried in that bill.  

Rosa DeLauro has denied her bill would criminalize 
organic gardening or affect home gardens but the reality 
of HR 875 is turning out to be additionally dire.

DeLauro and others pushing these bills have said those 
who wrote them were "well intentioned" and were just 
"naive" about their impact on small producers. But over 
the hundreds of pages of these bills, somehow everything 
is consistently terrible for farmers and consumers and 
animals and plants and the land,  and somehow nothing 
at all is "naively" good for them or bad for industry.

Now people have discovered that in addition to its 
destructiveness to farmers, food, seed, farmers markets, 
our home gardens, and homemade food, DeLauro's bill 
contains CODEX Alimentarius.  

For those who do not know what that means, CODEX is 
a complete take over of all nutrients.  All nutrients.  
Nutrients are what human beings need to survive.  
CODEX is the full triumph of the pharmaceutical industry 
which, in declaring all nutrients toxins and putting them 
out of reach, can assure business from human illness 
and then remain the only source in the world of products 
for treating the diseases it has caused through 
devastating vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

In the EU, where it already exists,CODEX has 
eliminated all access to supplements (vitamins, 
minerals, herbs) in sufficient quantities to cure anything.  
This control over people's need to secure adequate 
nutrients for their health, even extends to making herb 
gardens a crime.

Rosa DeLauro has a complex task ahead of her. She will 
have to defend calling herself a feminist despite 
introducing a bill which removes all chance for people 
to find healthy, pure food or to grow it themselves. The 
consequences of her bill will be illnesses and then 
leaving families entirely dependent on the profit-driven 
"mercy" of Big PHARM and Big PHARMA for only 
processed, genetically engineered food and synthetic, 
genetically engineered drugs.

Not easy to fold increasing nationwide sickness and 
premature death, and aiding corporations in 
accomplishing a total monopoly over the health needs 
of everyone in the country, into the term "feminist."


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