Friday, November 14, 2008

NAIS and the elimination of normal animals

I think they are planning to do with animals what they have done and are still doing so thoroughly doing with GE-seeds - patenting them and then getting rid of all sources of normal ones.  It's why that are so intent in taking out the last chance to hang onto indigenous seeds - the seed cleaners - and thus ANY independent collection of seeds. 

A strong overview:


And Bill C-51 in Canada (a gift that would come with the NAU) is a stealth move  (it looks to be only about health substances) against individuals saving seeds and seed banking (human's only protection against GE) that would criminalize both and apply massive penalties (2 years in prison and $5 million fines).

This is to say that draconian as NAIS is already, I think it is only the thin edge of the wedge.  Only in this context do all the seemingly non-sensical aspects of it make complete sense.

And within this view, it is easy to see suddenly that the raw milk attacks are actually closely related to NAIS.  It's the same fight, really.  Raw milk is simply an early snapshot of where things are headed once the machinery is in place and they know where everyone is, once they have the automatic penalties in place.  Raw milk raids are the primitive version, pre-data banks and GPS tracking systems. Once they get up to speed technologically and set up the centralized department of Food Safety, they won't have to make raids or spysystem will spy continuously and they can gin up full national food scares, and the "raids" will come as letters informing the isolated farmer of the life-killing penalty they face.  Done.  Neat as a whistle.  Virtually invisible take-over of animal kind.  Just like they did with seeds.

With animals, they use "food scares" and offer big technological fixes that don't fit anything. With seeds, they used "poor yields" and offered big biotechnological fixes that don't work.  But in both cases, they fit and work well for what is actually intended in terms of control.

A video on NAIS:

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