Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For those who think genetic engineering is a good idea for India

Go to http://www.responsibletechnology.org and either read or listen to the talks Jeff Smith gives on how the "science" biotech is using is actually lousy and antiquated.

Inform yourself but please don't get caught in the science part.  It is CRITICAL to see through that to the PATENTS they lead to and the biopiracy they are causing and the monopoly they accomplish.  

US groups are now going after Monsanto because of its monopolistic actions, anti-trust violations and complete control over seeds.  If one is Indian and want to talk to people who see nothing wrong with genetic engineering, tell them they can see into India's future by seeing what is happening here in the US.  While Monsanto says it is interested in helping farmers and providing food security, it raises the price of GE-seed corn $100 a bag during an international food crisis and after the Midwest's farmers were devastated by floods.  http://www.opednews.com/articles/During-a-world-food-crisis-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-080723-548.html

Did you know Monsanto is actively (and using criminal methods) eliminating seed cleaners here?  Why?  They are the people who help farmers save their seeds.  Monsanto,  having bought up "normal seed" companies so those those seeds would no longer be available - only their 3-4 times more expensive patented ones, is now tightening the trap for farmers by getting rid of their means to collect their own seeds. 

If you are going to talk to Indians about genetic engineering, stick to the economic end of things and emphasize that this is the new colonialism, wrapped in poor science, and worst than the destruction of India's mills.  Show people that in the US where there are GE-crops, farmers have been wiped out and Monsanto has control over almost all corn and soy and thus over BOTH food and fuel.  Tell them this is about monopoly and colonialism using terrible science, billion dollar PR and bribing 
and buying up land grant colleges, 
and never mind the impact on human organs.

Indians concerned to stop genetic engineering in their country might hook up with the Organic Consumers Association http://www.organicconsumers.org  so they can add reports about India to their website as well as offer you thorough information and perhaps people who can help speak out with you about what Monsanto is doing to India.  

Also, reach Organization of Competitive Markets http://www.competitivemarkets.com about what they are doing on the monopoly side about Monsanto.  Perhaps they can help with data and in other ways.  

The new UN study says that organic farming is capable of feeding Africa 
so why shouldn't India also choose organic which is cheap, safe, "independent" farming that helps stop global warming and preserves a nation's own biology for that nation and because small farming is local and local farming is safer in emergencies?  

Or should India choose hugely expensive inputs, heavy use of petroleum-based pesticides and fertilizers that kill Indian soil, MUCH greater use of water, losing its biodiversity, unleashing untested abnormal food crops, depending on a limited number as well as non-indigenous varieties that would expose it more to catastrophes, and greatly contributing to global warming, and end up not even owning the crops ultimately but turning ownership over to foreign multinationals which are detested around the world? Hmm. Tough decision.  

Who makes that sort of insane choice except for massively bought-out politicians which is what is happening in Europe? Who in India is getting paid off? Someone needs to be watching the money and not be distracted by all that baloney about "science." Science was used by the Germans, too.

Here is the "science always knows better than people"response to India's effort to stop Monsanto's genetic engineering of their food.

"This must be one of the most ridiculous campaigns started by NGOs in India who have idea of the science of molecular genetics or genetic engineering or juts [sic] refuse to believe the scientific facts.   This entire anti-GM campaign in India by NGOs is a malicious anti-technology, Luddite propaganda that has no scientific basis.  
All right thinking and
educated people must listen to knowledgeable scientists
, scientific bodies and science academies of the world including FAO and WHO to understand the scientific facts and empirical truth about GM foods and not all for this ideological nonsense by Indian NGOs who take their cures [sic] from well heeled European greens."
[Ah, so people should not trust their own knowledge or thinking but groups that have gotten their funding from Monsanto?  Then I suppose that right-thinking German people were supposed to listen to their leaders, who were supported by "knowledgeable scientists, scientific bodies and science academies" who used "science" to undergird the elimination of "dirty" Jews.  Rodulf Hess said Nazism was "applied biology." 
And environmental groups have more money than Monsanto?  Someone needs to tell them. They'll be so delighted to find out.]

Eu panel OKs 2 genetically modified corn products:


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