Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cowboys ambushed by lawyers at the 148 to 150 Gulch

by Friends of Farmers

Cowboys and farmers invited by USDA and the what's-up-with-that?-DOJ to go west.

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In the East, corporations are set to slip S 510 through the Senate.

In the PDF version of S 510 or of 530 (its amended version):

Page 148
They refer to "reason to believe" there is an animal disease (that is, no proof is required). They'll deem it an emergency. CDC declares it. CDC, already suspect,
lied about the h1N1 pandemic and the vaccines, and then profited.

Page 150

Disposal of animals infected by foreign animal disease. Military and DHS would roll onto ranches and farms to do it, through interagency agreements.

Is Fort Collins a repeat of the futile USDA "NAIS listening sessions"? 95% of farmers expressed vehement opposition yet the USDA is moving forward with NAIS anyway (having said they scrapped it), under a new name, ADT - Animal Disease Traceability.

Is this a "GIPSA listening session"? Is it another gip? They are preparing to slip S 510 through the Senate - the end of farmers and ranchers animals - and includes ADT.

ADT helps track down every last animal. No hiding any "seed" stock.

The Monsanto Three Step

Monsanto and seeds:

1. Get patents on GE-seeds,
2. Get rid of NORMAL seed companies.
3. "Own" soy, grain, cotton, ....

Monsanto and animals

1. Get patents on GE-meat (They don't need live animals at all - they have the DNA.)
2. Get rid of NORMAL farm animals.
3. "Own" meat.

Monsanto lawyer and VP, Michael Taylor, who deregulated GMOs and kept them unlabeled. He is now FDA "
food safety czar." His FDA food safety division recently asserted in court that Americans have no right to choose their own food and no right to their health. Taylor is likely to be the Administrator over whatever S 510 would set up. If this section of HR 875 is added, there'd be no Congressional oversight, unlimited penalties and no judicial review over the appropriateness and validity of the orders of the Administrator. S 510 includes

Why would corporations which don't care about anyone's safety (with BSE or contaminated meat, for instance) slaughter millions of potentially profitable animals, unless there were a more profitable reason?

Three more concerns:

I The USDA's stated plan

U.S. House of Representatives. "The Young Executives Plan to Liquidate Farmers: Product of an Official Committee Chaired by the Under Secretary of Agriculture."Congressional Record. June 21, 1972, p. H5907.

People in the USDA are promising that the "food safety" bill is not a problem

II Those behind S 510. (See page 5.)

Winrock International was founded by Winthrop Rockefeller and counts in the long list of its funding partners numerous foundations, government agencies, international agencies, private sector groups and more, all of whom are aligned with vested interests that want international standards harmonized in order to eliminate barriers to international trade. Winrock International receives financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the DOE, USAID, the US Department of State, the USDA, the World Bank, the FAO, SYSCO and the Tides Foundation.[64]Winrock International also has long-standing ties with Monsanto, which has benefited from Winrock's help in introducing its products to farmers in developing nations around the world.

III The US fully surrenders to the WTO in S 510


Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.

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