Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don't let Henry Waxman kill you

This arrived by email in Waxman's district today from CREDO.  Who are they? 

"Don't let your food kill you."

"Your member of Congress, Rep. Henry Waxman, sits on the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee. That committee will consider crucial food safety legislation on Wednesday. You need to let Rep. Henry Waxman know today that you expect him to stand with his constituents — not big industrial food companies — when it comes to food safety. ...

"Thankfully, Congress is now paying attention." 

Thankfully?  The same Congress run by lobbyists?  Paying attention to what?  Surely not us.  

The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 represents a good basis for reform ...

Who designed this email?    

and would be first major update of food safety legislation in decades.
But big food industry players are fighting tooth and nail to weaken the bill — 

Stop, please.  This is unbearable.  The "big food industry players" are the very ones who wrote the bill.  For sure no consumers wrote the bill or sent out the message.  Where are they fighting "tooth and nail to weaken it"?  Give one instance.  Just one. 

The only people opposing these bills are regular people because the bills "scare the hell out of [them]."  

"All in all, I haven't seen a more devastating attempt at infringement on an individual's personal way of life than the USA PATRIOT act. This must be stopped... at all costs."

The "big food industry players" are creating this smoke and mirrors game where they want people to push for exactly what industry wants.  How?   By telling us  that "big bad industry" is "fighting tooth and nail" to weaken it.  What industry wants is as much power behind this bill as possible.

it's up to us to tell Congress to strengthen and pass a bill that really protects our food supply.

Protecting our food system would mean decentralizing it and getting it entirely out of the hands of the industries who wrote these bills and into our farmers' hands and our own.  These bills would do the opposite, getting rid of farmers and even requiring licensing and monitoring and surveillance and warrantless entry of our gardens.

Go see Food, Inc.  Realize that all the companies being indicted by the movie are the very ones whom Waxman is supporting.  They wrote Waxman's bill.  They are the corporations sending out this lying email, trying to get people to push for Waxman's truly traitorous bill as though they would be pushing against corporations.  

Waxman's bill takes the worst parts of the other dangerous "anti-food safety" bills out there now and makes a kind of frankenstein version.  Waxman's monster

1.  ends US sovereignty over its own food supply, gutting our Constitutional control over our food supply and transferring it to the hands of multinationals like Monsanto, Tysons, Cargills, etc.  


2.  sets up a giant agency to control the entire US food supply with Monsanto in charge of it.  Yes, Monsanto.  http://www.postcarbon.org/monsanto_planting_seeds_white_house  Google "most evil corporation on the planet" and it will come up.  Watch "The World According to Monsanto" for an inkling of the insanity of having them control our food supply to say nothing of the astounding corruption and betrayal of our very existence that Obama is okaying this.

3. takes control of all seed, making us as dependent as Iraq now is on corporations' whim and all GM-food for our survival.

a.  Monsanto is doing this worldwide.

b.  It's the Kissinger plan, "control food, control people."

c.  Here is how easily it can be done, using "food safety" as the means.

4. sets up NAIS, the national animal identification system which will wipe out what is left of our real farmers and take all US farmland.

a.  All the bills contain a reference to "tracing" which triggers NAIS, the National Animal Identification System.  Inside NAIS (bad enough that it will wipe out farmers financially which is the intent) is something called "Premises" ID.

b.  Anyone raising even a single animal or any plants would be forced onto NAIS and thus onto "premises" (supposedly about registering where your property is in case of an animal disease outbreak - notice how swine flu is out there now?).

c.  "Premises," however, is not "property" which is protected under the US Constitution, but an international term, quite different from property and one that says the person is a mere stake holder in their land.  The USDA would not change the term to "property" or answer whether this was theft of land.  Nor would they answer, if everyone becomes mere stake holders in the land, for whom are they holding the stake (all US farmland)?  [Speculation.  For what possible purpose?  Collateral on the bailout?  http://www.newswithviews.com/brownfield/brownfield59.htm
Did Hillary Clinton really make promises to the Chinese that they can come with troops to claim what is theirs if we default? 
http://thegreendragon.ning.com/forum/topics/govt-gives-china-eminent ]

5.  includes a hidden Codex, a plan devised by Nazi-related German pharmaceutical companies http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/PHARMACEUTICAL_BUSINESS/history_of_the_pharmaceutical_industry.htm  which is considered world fascism and is expected to kill millions. http://www.iahf.com/world/980622i.html


YouTube - Codex Alimentarius: Food Lies "They" Don't Want You ...

8 min - Apr 2, 2008 - 

Rated 4.8 out of 5.0

http://www.thebestofrawfood.com/Listen to Brian Clement's raw food speech ... Join YouTube for a free account, or sign in if you are already ...
www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhApQ3QkG0Q - 

6.  creates a police state.

a.  the bills give "the Administrator" power over every person in the country who "holds" food (everyone).

b.   set up a division for this that is independently funded so no congressional oversight.

c.  includes massive punishments (million dollar a day fines and up to ten years in prison) but these punishments are not exclusive of anything more that may be available (leaving the door open to ... anything.  Torture?).  http://yupfarming.blogspot.com/2009/04/food-safety-as-totalitarian-weapon.html

d.  is expected to be run by Monsanto lawyer Michael Taylor - http://www.postcarbon.org/monsanto_planting_seeds_white_house) so Monsanto, considered the evilest corporation in the world and the greatest threat to food and nature, will have power over the entire US food supply, including over decisions on punishments.

e.  with no judicial review over even the appropriateness and validity of punishments for as yet unstated "crimes."  So, they could apply this to anyone, to anything at all, and it doesn't have to have any relation whatever to food ... and it is not subject to review.  A police state. 

f.  and this is all on top of surveillance, monitoring, warrantless entry, no due process, taking of all records, etc. included in the bills
g.  Monsanto's Taylor was involved in designing the bills. 

The twisted email urges us to 

Tell Rep. Waxman — a member of the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee — to pass food safety legislation with teeth. 

Teeth?  The very last thing we need for Waxman to give these massive and grossly corrupt corporations he is pandering to is teeth.  Teeth?  The better to kill us with CAFOs and pesticides and antibiotics and GMOs and loss of our farmers and seed and our own gardens?

The bills to be stopped entirely.

The question is why is Waxman doing this?  What is wrong with him?  Why is he killing us?

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