Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The misinformation games corporations play with labels

10.28.08 Tuesday about 10:58am

The corporate slipperiness about "labeling" works in three ways:

1. Lying labels of their own

a. "green-washing" the filthy things they do (e.g. seeking "organic" labels for GMOs and irradiation)
b. confusing the public about what they are really getting
c. undercutting (and often destroying) the real people producing actually healthy food

2. Blocking real farmers from speaking honestly about their own products

a. suing dairy farmers for saying their cows aren't injected with rBGH
b. getting the FDA to threaten jail for cherry growers who cite peer-reviewed articles on their websites indicating that cherries are potentially 10x stronger than aspirin or ibuprofen in controlling pain.

3. Making false and/or fear-mongering accusations against its competition and using that fear to get more regulations (or private lawsuits) to destroy them.

a. fresh milk here and in Canada
b. organic almonds
c. seed cleaners

The identical thing is happening on the natural substances side.

"L-casei immunitas" is promoted as some great new science contribution when it is only good ole lactobacillus which has always come for free in fresh milk, as does wonderful bacteria that protects against type 1 diabetes.

The corporate side promotes its degraded rBGH milk by saying how important vitamin D is (and it is), when, in truth, they have removed the real vitamin D and substituted a synthetic vitamin D that doesn't work. Meanwhile, fresh milk is rich not only in natural vitamin D but in the bacteria which helps it the nutrients and minerals in milk be absorbed by the body.

So, corporations lie about their own products (pretending to offer what real farmers offer), then stop those farmers (or those dealing in natural substances) from speaking truthfully about what is good about their products, and then lie about the safety of the farmers' products (or natural subestances) so the farmers and natural health products and practices can be eliminated.

The corporations are re-defining or tampering with reality yet our lives depend on food and substances and even words being "real" or "natural."

If you are concerned, go to Reform the FDA and learn more.

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