Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Creating our own international PR firm in 2 easy steps

The previous article lays to rest the central and most hypocritical claim of Monsanto - that GMOs grow more food so are good for feeding the starving of the world. It is essential that it get out as widely and deeply as possible.

If we each do just two things, we can do it.

1. Each month, call and also send emails to the editors of newspapers in your state (make at least 10 calls and send at least 10 emails), asking them to run a story.

They will see this current material is critical information in relation to the current food crisis.

Each month, repeat sending material if you feel it is needed. If you sense you are making progress and the editors are beginning to know and trust you, you can call about and send something new about Monsanto and/or sustainable agriculture that feels significant.

Calling helps a lot. Editors will get to know you and you, them.

2. Post the material to at least 10 internet sites that are new to you, so you will NOT be singing to the choir. You can, for instance, post to a range of religious groups, to university groups, to public school groups, to retired groups, women's groups, to rotary clubs, to business groups, to automotive groups, sporting groups of all kinds, etc. Use your imagination.

Optional: If you prefer to work in another area besides where you live - perhaps where there are now food crises, for example - find papers there to send material to, find internet groups in those areas, and go about this the same way (though calling editors will be harder so perhaps write them personal notes instead).

It is a blanket approach in either case, with you taking responsibility for reaching people in one limited area and finding more and more avenues to enter each month you pass information. If you keep the numbers of calls, emails and posts limited, you won't feel overwhelmed and might even enjoy thinking what you want to send the next month. And as you get to know editors, you might look forward to talking to them. If 10 is too many for you, do 5. But claim your territory and the responsibility of being the PR person for it.

The point is to have anti-GMO material be common knowledge and to get to know other kinds of people through it, as many as possible.

If we each do these 2 things only, and regularly, together we will be forging a huge, international public relations firm working for stainable agriculture and against Monsanto and GMOs. We will be expending little time and no money.

We need to do this because the giant and muscular campaigns by PR companies like Burson-Masterller, which are designed to scare and confuse the public in order to insert more GMO crops, are going into gear around the world right now. Their employers, the corporations which first caused the food crisis, have set those campaigns in motion in order to use the crises to insert GMOs where there has been resistance (working off the shock doctrine), and thus to take more control over food and be able to profit maximally from increasing crises, wherever they occur.

If you have friends to join you in this, if you have spare moments to do more for fun, great. Whether you are in the US, in India, in Australia, wherever, reach your newspapers (and any other media you wish) and post like the PR genius you are.

Truth is devastating to evil so we need to be generous and stop sharing it only among ourselves.


  1. I'm going to copy this for future reference and put it to work. Thanks.

  2. Very glad if it is helpful. Thank you for taking time to comment.